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About VASS

Established on 07 November 2003 according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) lisence, VASS has become the long-standing private assurance enterprise in Vietnam.

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Our services

Personal insurance

This is the product line for customers who are individual individuals. Depending on each purpose of different protection and accumulation needs, each customer can choose the appropriate personal insurance product.

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Business insurance

In today’s dynamic business world, businesses face new and complex risks. We – VASS corp will provide a variety of safe and diverse solutions to protect your business.

LIAN technology insurance

LIAN is a 4.0 technology product, compatible on Android and IOS operating system platforms. The outstanding advantage of LIAN is “buy 1 minute, compensate 30 seconds”, aiming at every Vietnamese family is covered to prevent risks.

Assurance compensation

With a team of field inspectors and standard linked garage systems, spread across the country, VASS is committed to providing customers with fast, timely and accurate compensation services through the Emergency Line. 1900 9249 is available 24/7.

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